Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just, how does he do it?*

For those of you that don't know,I'm from Yorkshire and not so long ago it was Yorkshire Day, a day in which all us Yorkshire folk celebrate all things... well, Yorkshire! Now, I bet your thinking what's to celebrate about brass bands, flat caps, whippet racing, Yorkshire puddings, ferrets & coal mining? Well, allow me to take your attention away from the, nowadays, rather inaccurate stereotypes us Yorkshire folk get labelled with and join me on a journey, each week, to look at some familiar faces who have come from " God's own county" and have cemented their place in the public eye and all in all have done us proud!

The first person I have to mention, purely for my obsessive watching of his videos recently and his, how to put it? Surreal, tricks and stunts, is Dynamo! Dynamo is, in my opinion, hands down, one of Britain's best ever magicians! Coming from Bradford (West Yorkshire) he's amazed audiences up and down the country for several years now and has left countless more asking "just how does he do it?". Dynamo is also now the face of Pepsi's #LIVEFORNOW campaign, as like Pepsi, Dynamo has "this passion for living for the now and making every day exhilarating."

All in all, I think Dynamo is more than deserving to be a reason that I'm proud to be from Yorkshire, he proves in more ways than one that anything is possible (Remember him levitating at the side of a double-decker bus for Pepsi Max anyone?!)

Check out Dynamo doing his thing for Pepsi, in an up close, amazing magic encounter with rapper Amplify Dot!

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