Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kiss goodbye to your spots for only £1!

I bet you're starting to think I'm some sort of Poundland obsessive... Well actually, I suppose I kind of am, as of late. However, with good reason! Now, I don't know whether you're aware, but recently the vast majority of Poundlands/worlds/stores have, for some reason, started stocking some extremely popular beauty brands such as make-up products from: Rimmel, Collection 2000 & Sally Hansen, but a few days ago, another big named brand caught my eye.

Neutrogena is a skincare brand we've all heard of and have likely to have tried out at some point. Renown for helping with the war against spots & acne, their products usually pack a rather hefty price tag, which is extremely off putting especially considering their products aren't even guaranteed to work! This is why I was shocked to see 2 of Neutrogena's best-sellers from their visibly clear range nestled among the skincare section in Poundland.

Firstly, there was Neutrogena's Spot Stress Control 3-in-1 Daily Cleansing Lotion which retails in Boots for the price of £3.99 for the 200ml bottle. Then there was,  Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Treatment, which retails,again, in Boots for £3.99. The latter for me was the most surprising find as this treatment has been rated as being one of the best on the market by magazines such as Company, so for just £1, it's an absolute steal!!

Now I know what you're thinking, " If these products are so good, why are they in Poundland?" I'll admit I also pondered about this too, but after comparing the ingredients in the Poundland finds to the one in Boots, from what I could see there was no differences. However, one thing had changed oh so slightly on both of the products, the packaging. This explains why Neutrogena had to take off the "Poundland versions" of their products of the shelves, but apart from that there's really no difference!

I think that this is also proved through my own personal experience with both of these products. I'm glad to tell you that both significantly improved the condition of my skin. Which considering the sad state my skin was in from exam stress, it seems almost miraculous!  ( However, as with all skin care products, the results are likely to vary from person to person dependent on your skin type etc.) The Lotion helps remove any leftover make-up ( even when you think you've removed it all beforehand!)  whilst leaving the skin soft to touch. The Rapid Clear Treatment, as mentioned in the Company write up, is great to wear over and under makeup as it dries clear and acts quickly to reduce redness as well as significantly shrinking the spot in less than 4 hours!

Where?: Poundland/shop/stores
How Much?: You guessed it! £1!!! Saving you almost £6 on the RRP!
Rating: 7/10 for the Lotion & 9/10 for the Rapid Clear

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